Objectives & Actions

The project adopts this technological basis with two overall objectives:

To Design
a Methodology

To Implement
an Open Ecosystem

TSC wants to produce open tools for fighting the spread of fake news and of and tampered contents generated by users.

More specifically, it considers several aspects to reach its objectives:

  • Increased trust
  • Augment existing social media interface
  • Social Nets as source for contents
  • Reputation Profile for members
  • Reputation Profile for non-members
  • Bot contents prevention
  • Contents DNA
  • Rewarding
  • Open ecosystem implementation

Get in Touch with Us

Our Headquarters are in Genoa, Italy

Gruppo SIGLA:
Via Finocchiaro Aprile 31/5a
16129 Genova
Phone: (+39) 010 589635
Fax: (+39) 010 5531889
Email: info@grupposigla.it
Via all'Opera Pia, 13
16145 Genova
Phone: (+39) 010 3532983
Email: tsc@cipi.unige.it

Gruppo SIGLA collaborates with CIPI on the project Truth Seekers Chain, strenghtening the ongoing synergies as part of the Cybertooth laboratory.