Disinformation & Fake News

With the word “disinformation” we refer to a subset of information that can be false, inaccurate, or misleading intentionally designed, published, and promoted for obtaining public harm or making a profit.

Disinformation has become a worrying phenomenon at global scale, increasingly spreading the exploitation of beyond state-of-the-art techniques of deception (e.g., deep-fake) and manipulative information strategies (e.g., sophisticated micro-targeted disinformation campaigns and more varied influence operations) with the consequence of becoming more and more complex.

The major societal costs of disinformation regard democracy and human rights worldwide, putting at risk two indispensable social (and democratic) functions: integrity of information (journalism) and of elections (politics). Furthermore, it is a threat for freedom of thought, right to privacy and democratic participation.

It is a force undermining citizens’ faith in democratic institutions by distorting free and fair elections and through the amplification of social division, resentment, and fear often resulting in fomenting digital (and physical) violence and repression.

Not last disinformation is a danger for a range of economic, social, and cultural rights. The COVID-19 pandemic intensified disinformation related challenges and problems.

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